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Exceptional design makes spaces sing with stories that create memories. Based on your specific needs, we will tailor a creative and iterative exhibition development process that builds your internal capacity and delivers exceptional experiences.



Design thinking focuses on the audiences you’re designing for and involves being more human-centered, creative, playful, iterative, collaborative, and prototype-driven. We can work with your team to develop or strengthen these skills and apply the approach across your exhibitions and organization to encourage innovation and agility.

Art Gallery


We can help you ideate your future state. This is not about dreaming; it’s about developing your road map to making a greater impact! We work with you to complete an exhibition audit and develop action plans for improving your physical presence, or assess your goals and determine how your built environment could better meet them.


Our planning services include: masterplanning, exhibition assessment, budgeting, analyzing staffing skills, and creative charrettes (establishing big ideas, take-away messages, and qualities of the physical experience).


  • Collections integration

  • Design development

  • Multimedia coordination

  • Lighting and AV coordination

  • Final design documentation and shop drawings

  • Material specifications

  • Prototype development & assessment

  • Wayfinding signage systems

  • Donor recognition displays

  • Branding of environments
    (arrival, lobbies, conference etc.)

  • Architectural coordination

  • Program space planning

  • Infrastructure coordination

  • Material specifications/recommendations

  • Furniture and equipment specifications

  • Budget planning

Exhibition Development & Design

Let’s work together to develop the physical manifestation of your exhibition experience goals. From three-dimensional design to environmental graphic design, multimedia, audio visual, and architectural integration—we’ve got you covered.


Our design services include:   

  • Concept development

  • Bubble diagramming

  • Exhibit design

  • 3D design

  • Aesthetic alignment/vision boards

  • Environmental graphic design

  • Graphic panel development

  • Artist commissioning

Fabrication & Production

We can support your team through the evaluation and selection process for design and  fabrication teams with RFQ and RFP processes—from writing to selection to contracting.  


Once those teams are on board, we can oversee shop drawing review, fabrication and coordination, installation, and construction support.

Art Gallery

Back-of-House Support

We provide design services for your back-of-house needs, including offices, workshops, and collections storage, whether that means developing specifications for custom fixtures that create more efficient use of spaces or figuring out how to store a dozen mounts of birds in flight.

Temporary Exhibit Design

From developing a strategy and timeline, to researching the market for available options to lease (via third-party lenders), through installation and implementation, we can manage all the details while working with your staff to establish concrete plans.

Graphic Design

We can generate marketing materials and print collateral, presentation decks, and data visualization.


The relationship was seamless between R&L Consulting and the Museum; I felt like A.J. was a member of our staff. She demonstrated time and time again that she was just as invested in the successful completion of this project as I was. She worked tirelessly, always there, doing whatever it took to make these nine exhibit galleries a reality.


Our expectations were high – we did not want the cookie-cutter exhibit experience, we wanted to push the envelope. A.J. understood this and worked side by side with me to make sure that our expectations were realized. She used her numerous years of museum experience and had all of the qualities we needed. A.J. is detail-oriented, collaboration-minded, patient, has a superb work ethic and the ability to think outside the box. She handled our project with expertise, integrity and professionalism.

TIFFERNEY WHITE, (former) CEO and President, DISCOVERY Children’s Museum, Las Vegas, NV



We believe in the collective wisdom of lived experiences.

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