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The Fort Ticonderoga Association

R&L Consulting provided graphic design and editorial support to the Fort Ticonderoga Association for its 2022 Annual Report. This was a textbook case of a client who had all of the assets—digital imagery, text, donor databases—and needed a production team who understood the content and its context as a key fundraising tool to put it all together. Click the cover below to see the full report.

Services Provided:
- Graphic Design
- Editorial
- Copy Editing
- Project Management


We appreciate all [R&L’s] effort making this annual report look so beautiful! Annual reports are a crucial element of any successful annual giving program. They showcase the organization’s achievements, impact on stakeholders, and ensure financial transparency. A strong report helps build trust, demonstrates accountability, and encourages increased support by articulating how donor investment contributes to an organization’s mission. An effective report can also attract new donors, foster a sense of community and pride with current supporters and staff, and provide insights into future goals and strategies. Here’s to inspiring and exciting our donors with this publication to grow their support.


Beth L. Hill, President and CEO, The Fort Ticonderoga Association, Ticonderoga, NY


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