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Grant Implementation

You’ve received the grant, and now you need someone to keep the process moving along the timeline. We can work with your staff remotely to make sure meetings, communication, reports, and deliverables stay on track.

Museum Employees

Exhibition Management

Exhibitions come in all shapes and sizes. Our experienced team has worked on every sort of exhibition—from capital projects to temporary to traveling—and know all the ins and outs. We can assist with consultations and planning, develop RFQs and RFPs, guide creative teams, support internal capacity building, develop and manage timelines and budgets, and interface with architectural teams. 

Image by Biljana Martinić


The relationship was seamless between R&L Consulting and the museum; I felt like A.J. was a member of our staff. She demonstrated time and time again that she was just as invested in the successful completion of this project as I was. She worked tirelessly, always there, doing whatever it took to make these nine exhibit galleries a reality.


Our expectations were high. We did not want the cookie-cutter exhibit experience; we wanted to push the envelope. A.J. understood this and worked side by side with me to make sure that our expectations were realized. She used her numerous years of museum experience and had all of the qualities we needed. A.J. is detail-oriented, collaboration-minded, and patient, and she has a superb work ethic and the ability to think outside the box. She handled our project with expertise, integrity, and professionalism.


TIFFERNEY WHITE (former) CEO and President, DISCOVERY Children’s Museum, Las Vegas, NV



We believe in traveling off the beaten path.

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