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Impactful projects and transformational experiences are rarely born from inside the conference room. Incorporating your visitors’, users’, and key stakeholders’ voices into the crafting of your programs and processes is crucial. 


We can work with you to co-construct meaningful evaluation and/or research work to identify and answer questions you have about your audience, programs, projects, and organization; facilitate data dialogues to reflect on evaluation/research findings; and determine next steps to help you put those findings into action.

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We offer customized evaluation plans and research studies that are closely aligned with your organization or project needs. We are experienced in a variety of research designs, methodologies, and evaluation techniques for collecting rich and meaningful data from a range of audiences. We are a seasoned group of professionals focused on meeting your needs at all stages of your project to ensure that you can answer the questions most important to your organization—and have the data you need when you need it. 


Our services include advising on, composing, and deploying studies and plans; selecting appropriate methods for data collection and analysis; and creating written and verbal reports of findings.

Gathering Community & Stakeholder Input

As part of any institutional planning process, we can gather community and stakeholder input to assist your organization in identifying audiences’ needs and interests.


We believe in collaboration.

Set up a call today to get all of your questions answered.

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