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Strategic Planning

We can work with you, your board, and staff to identify and develop attainable short-and long-term goals for your organization, refine or redefine your mission and case statements, and create a written strategic plan that is both resilient and reflective of strategic foresight thinking.  


Often, a Theory of Change Model workshop is an important foundational piece of this work. A co-developed statement of the change your organization wants to bring about as a result of the work that it does creates the consensus and alignment needed for creating a strategic plan.

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Interpretive Planning

We can lead an interpretive planning process with your staff to identify target markets and their implications for interpretation, highlight the distinctive resources of your institution, develop thematic guidelines, support your mission through interpretation, select the most appropriate media to communicate messages, and outline visitor experiences that have measurable impact.

Gathering Community & Stakeholder Input

As part of any institutional planning process, we can gather community and stakeholder input to assist your organization in identifying audiences’ needs and interests.


We believe neutrality doesn’t move the needle.

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